On Sunday, February 25th at 11am, Sofia Orr, an 18-year-old from Pardes Hanna, will arrive at the Tel Hashomer enlistment base and refuse to join the Israeli Army in protest of the war in Gaza and the ongoing occupation.

She will be accompanied by demonstrators from Mesarvot Network, which supports political refusers, and by Tal Mitnick, the 18-year-old who will refuse on Sunday for the third time after serving 60 days in prison over two sentences.

From Orr’s refusal statement: “I refuse to enlist in order to show that change is needed and that change is possible, for the security and safety of all of us in Israel-Palestine and in the name of empathy that is not restricted by national identity. I refuse to enlist because I want to create a reality in which all children between the Jordan River and the sea could dream without cages.”