Professor Noam Chomsky discuss in May 23, 2023, Israel-Palestine conflict which he describes as “the main issue of my life” with academics Dylan Rodriguez, Michael Alexander and Mohamad Ali.

With incomparable precision and detail professor Chomsky re-defines concepts such as “genocide” and “apartheid” in relation to the conflict; points the finger to the US as main instigator and supporter, and dwells into its history.

He expresses hope in the power of the people who historically have proven able to reverse situations apparently insurmountable…


The “Israel & Palestine: Possible Futures” series, co-sponsored by the Maimonides Chair in Jewish Studies and the Program in Middle East and Islamic Studies, offers a venue for knowledgeable people from all points of view to speculate about real needs, realistic steps, and possible positive directions toward more equitable conditions in the region.

Professor Noam Chomsky is an academic and public intellectual known as the founder of modern linguistics. He is laureate professor of linguistics at the University of Arizona and professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is author and contributor to over 100 books on political topics such as U.S. foreign policy, globalization, labor, and geopolitics. An observer of Israel and the Middle East from his first stay on a kibbutz in 1953, Professor Chomsky recently referred to Israel as “the leading issue of my life since early childhood.”