As part of World Disarmament Week which takes place from October 24 to 30, we researched the different Canadian political parties to check which ones promote non-violence.

In Canada, the only federal political party to openly promote nonviolence as a conflict resolution methodology is the Green Party of Canada.

Green Party of Canada Declaration of Nonviolence

We declare our commitment to non-violence and strive to establish a culture of peace and cooperation among States, within societies and among individuals as the basis of global security.

We believe that security should not be based primarily on military force but on cooperation, healthy economic and social development, environmental security and respect for human rights.

This needs :

  • A comprehensive concept of global security, which gives priority to the social, economic, ecological, psychological and cultural aspects of conflicts, instead of a concept based mainly on proportionality of military forces.
  • A global security system capable of preventing, managing and resolving conflicts
  • Eliminating the causes of war by understanding and respecting other cultures, eradicating racism, promoting freedom and democracy, and ending global poverty.
  • Pursuing general and complete disarmament, including through international, agreements aimed at ensuring the complete and definitive prohibition of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, anti-personnel mines and depleted uranium weapons.
  • Strengthening the United Nations (UN) as a global conflict management and peacekeeping organization.
  • The establishment of a rigorous code of conduct on arms exports to countries where human rights are not respected.