Christopher Vogler is a renowned expert in storytelling and screenwriting, widely recognized in the film and storytelling industry. His most notable contribution is his book entitled “The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Screenwriters and Novelists,” which has become an influential work in the world of storytelling.

Vogler was inspired by the ideas of Joseph Campbell, who explored mythic structure and the “hero’s journey” in his book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.”

In his work, Vogler analyzes the essential components of effective storytelling, such as character arc, turning points and the emotional journey of the hero.

Christopher Vogler’s work has left a lasting imprint on storytelling and screenwriting, and his approach continues to be a valuable tool for those seeking to tell captivating and meaningful stories in various forms of media.

In this interview with Federico Palumbo, Christopher Vogler shares his experiences and perspectives on storytelling, artificial intelligence and creative collaboration. He discusses his encounter with Joseph Campbell and how Campbell’s ideas influenced his work. He also mentions his relationship with Syd Field and how their theories complement each other.

He talks about his background in Los Angeles and how he came to the film industry. He shares his concerns about predictability in films and the importance of challenging audience expectations.

Vogler addresses the influence of artificial intelligence on screenwriting and how this technology could change the industry. He also reflects on storytelling on different platforms, from movies to short-form videos like TikTok.

Finally, he mentions his upcoming book on characters through mythology.