Occupied Palestine

Several actions of occupation of Palestinian agricultural land by settlers, protected by the army, were recorded yesterday.
The most serious episode occurred in Qusra, south of Nablus.
Six farmers were wounded by war bullets and were hospitalized in the capital’s hospital.

The repression of Palestinian economic activities is systematic.
Fishing boats from Gaza were attacked by naval units from Tel Aviv.
A fisherman was injured by a bullet and was taken back to the beach for first aid. It was the third attack yesterday against Palestinian boats.
The goal of the Tel Aviv government is to strangle the Palestinian economy and enslave it to the Israeli one.

The most important dossier on the Israeli government’s agenda is that of Palestinian political detainees.
Extremist minister Bin Gvir has issued a directive to prison management to reduce visits by family members, from once a month to once every two months.

The International Red Cross and the UN have condemned this provocative step, considered as such by the prison directorates themselves.
The Netanyahu government, in an attempt to mitigate international reactions, has declared that the provision is not yet operational, but in fact many visiting families have been rejected and forced to return home without being able to see their loved ones.

Hundreds of political prisoners have announced their joining the hunger strike proclaimed for September 13th.