December 2019, while France is going through one of its greatest social crises, the Gilets Jaunes
are on the streets, ready to do anything for their demands and getting dangerously close to power,
a new disease is making its appearance in China. The French government, through its health
minister, assures us that we have nothing to fear, that this virus will not cross our borders. Two
months later, French President E Macron announced via the media: “We are at war!”; and shut
down France to fight a virus.

By Catherine Bouissou

The descent into hell began for many! The first to be affected by this presidential decision are small
businesses and the self-employed, who will be forced to close their shops, lose everything and will
not be able to meet their debts and fixed charges. They will be the first collateral victims of the
management of this crisis.

Confinement will finish by isolating the rest of the population, while putting a stop to the various
street revolts! The only danger, the only fight in the eyes of our government, is COVID-19.
The Hospital, which has been in distress, on the brink of collapse and on the verge of collapse for
several decades, has been placed at the head of the rope. And it is as good little soldiers that the
carers will go to the front, with no protection, no ammunition, no strategy, apart from their
professional consciousness, their dedication and the applause at 8 p.m. to encourage them to go
off and fight with all guns blazing.

France was at a standstill. The French people are trapped by the fear engendered by increasingly
dramatic government messages and widely relayed by the media. The economy is collapsing, but
the streets are empty! No more demands, no more resistance, an apparent calm is returning.
Only so-called basic necessities are accessible, and only in supermarkets authorised by an out-of-
touch government. The number and times of these entrances are regulated. There’s no point in
searching for a hat or socks in the middle of winter, as these shelves are double-locked all over
France. All local shops are closed except bakeries and tobacconists. All others must keep their
metal curtains down.

No more than six people are allowed to get together (except for football matches!) People feeling
unwell should stay at home with DOLIPRANE! and above all avoid crowding emergency or care
departments, while many are empty. As a result, flu, heart attacks and cancer are no longer treated
in time, depriving the population of any chance of recovery. And we can no longer accompany our
loved ones to their final resting place!

France – the land of enlightenment, of human rights, the land of welcome – now shines in the fear
engendered by its neighbours, who even go so far as to denounce the presence of carers who live
too close to their homes and have therefore become undesirable outside care facilities. Elderly
people are also left to face their distress alone, in old people’s homes emptied of visitors and
volunteers forbidden to visit our elders. Elderly people deprived of their last human contact, with
only death to escape their distress.

The height of absurdity is in place, the total lack of humanity highlighted to supposedly protect us.
That’s how the state of emergency decided by the «unknowing » will destroy lives!
At the end of 2020, the first “vaccines” became available, a real scientific record! In less than 6
months, a real feat! Not only have researchers succeeded in sequencing the DNA of a new virus,
they have already found the miracle cure. An mRNA vaccine designed to eliminate a global
pandemic by limiting the risks of contamination, infection and serious cases, all in two injections
three months apart. Initially, only so-called vulnerable people (i.e. the elderly and chronically ill) will
receive this treatment, ignoring all other known medicinal strategies proposed by eminent
professors of medicine, recognised internationally for their work and research.

Faced with this new risk of a shortage of doses created by a well-practised communication
campaign, the frightened public can only rush to this providential injection, which nevertheless
lacks the essential knowledge of the risks of side-effects. Since the public is not responding
sufficiently to this unprecedented mass vaccination, E Macron and his government are imposing
compulsory vaccination on all people wishing to return to a social life and those working in social
and/or medical environments, without discernment, without ‘free and informed’ consent, and for
recalcitrant people, this will mean ‘suspension’ with loss of salary, loss of unemployment rights, a
ban on working, loss of social life, loss of reference points and numerous family repercussions.
Vaccinated carers become the symbol and guarantors of a medical heresy.

Quiz on those who have refused to take part, those who have been suspended, those who have
been banned from practising? A handful according to our leaders, thousands according to those
concerned. All these staff who respect the laws that govern and regulate healthcare, who refused
to give in to blackmail, who lost everything to defend the first medical act, which is to do no harm.

What has become of them?

After eighteen months of struggle and deprivation (the French government being the last country
not to have reinstated its suspended carers), the suspended carers, as they are known, are still
here, empty-pocketed, penniless, most of them having had to sell their possessions in order to
survive. They did not give in.

Today, there is talk of our reintegration, but at what price? The French National Authority for Health
(HAS) has issued a favourable opinion on the reinstatement of healthcare workers who have not
been vaccinated against Covid 19. The new Health Minister says he wants to follow this advice,
but he is also requesting the opinion of the Ethics Committee, the Order of Health, the Academy of
Medicine and the heads of healthcare establishments. None of these opinions or pseudo-opinions
appear in the text of the law governing compulsory vaccination. How can we still think or trust our
government, which has never stopped adapting or circumventing the founding laws of our country?
How can we go back to being under the abusive thumb of an ‘All-powerful Master’ who can take
everything away from us at the snap of his fingers? Many of my colleagues will not be returning to
the conventional healthcare system, many have opted for alternative care, others have expatriated
to Switzerland, Spain… and will not want to come back to France. Still others have hung up their
lab coats, uniforms and helmets, either for early retirement or for a definite change in professional

“More than 30,000 of them left, but without prompt support, only 1,000 returned” is how my
government, formerly the country of Liberté Égalité Fraternité, divided us, destroyed its healthcare
workers and, in fact, its healthcare system.

No forgetting, no forgiving, because they know what they’re doing!

Catherine Bouissou. Suspended nurse.

Author of the book: “On achève bien les soignants”.

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