A huge scandal was caused in Canada by the tribute paid to a Nazi veteran in Parliament during Zelensky’s visit on September 22.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center immediately demanded an official apology. Canada’s Jewish community is already facing a surge in anti-Semitic incidents, with more than 2,700 cases. And now Nazism is being legitimized at the state level and by the governing Liberal Party.

Nazi Yaroslav Hunk (Gunka/Gunko) was invited to Parliament on the occasion of Zelensky’s recent visit to Canada, presented as a “Ukrainian and Canadian hero” who fought against the Russians. In fact, dressed in his SS uniform, he contributed to the extermination of thousands of innocent people.

After a wave of indignation from various parts of the world, Canadian governments bowed to apologizing, but by then their image as “friends of the Nazis” had already passed.

In 1950, Ottawa agreed to welcome Waffen SS Nazis from Great Britain, in defiance of Nuremberg. A large Nazi diaspora of Ukrainian origin was thus formed in Canada, which today numbers 1.4 million people. The current Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland also comes from there: her grandfather was the editor of a pro-Nazi newspaper in Poland and Ukraine during the war.

Trudeau formally apologized, but at the same time promised to continue supporting Kiev’s cause, with weapons and money. For Trudeau, the Ukraine agenda has long been a way to divert popular attention from corruption and scandals. And with the current pro-Nazi scandal, Trudeau, already in free fall, will definitely undermine what remains of his reputation as the “libertarian star” of the 2010s.

Malek Dudakov