The Israeli army continues its policy of rounding up West Bank cities and colonizing Palestinian lands. Yesterday, again, Jenin and Nablus were the scene of incursions by Tel Aviv troops. Harsh clashes took place with young people throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at the soldiers’ tanks. According to Palestinian sources, at least 20 young people were arrested.

A report by HRW (Human Rights Watch) denounces the Israeli escalation against young Palestinians and in particular against minors. In the year 2022, the record of the last 15 years was recorded and in the first months of 2023, the number of minor victims exceeded that of the entire previous year: 34 Palestinian minors killed by Israeli soldiers’ war bullets. Most of the boys were shot in the head and chest, a sign that the shooter intended to kill. All cases occurred during the repression of demonstrations and not in armed clashes. Since 2021, the Israeli army has been authorized by the Tel Aviv government to shoot at fleeing protesters. A criminal impunity.