Where do you think you are going? This is a border.

– Please, I don’t have time for bureaucracy.

– Are you in a hurry?

– They are chasing me! They want to arrest me.

– I can have you arrested too. Give me your information.

– Let me introduce myself: I’m a human being. Just like you.

– I’m in no mood for jokes.

– Neither am I.

– You are not like me. I am a customs officer. You’re running from an armed conflict.

– What makes you think that?

– This border marks the border with a state at war. You come from there.

– A clue does not make a proof.

– And you wear the uniform of an army.

– All right. You’ve found me out. In fact, you didn’t need Sherlock Holmes to figure it out.

– Why aren’t you doing your duty at the front?

– War is not my duty. I will burn this uniform as soon as I find more clothes.

– Don’t you care about your country?

– People are more important than my country.

– Where is your rifle?

– I got rid of it.

– Why did you do that?

– I didn’t want to kill anybody.

– Does that sound like a good excuse?

– Do you not approve of my choice?

– I have to think about it. It depends…

– On what?

– What is your army?

– Why do you ask?

– Because the uniforms are not all the same.

– How are they different?

– There is the uniform of those who are right and there is the uniform of those who are wrong.

– I only know the uniform of those who were sent to war to kill.

– What flag did they send you to war for? The right flag or the wrong flag?

– Flags should disappear. Let me pass. I don’t want to participate in any massacre.

– Are you a coward?

– I am not. But a lot of people like to think so.

– Tell me who you are.

– I am a deserter.