Preparations are in full swing for the events that will animate the squares of many cities on Saturday 11 February. The Night Carnival for Assange launched in London by the Don’t Extradite Assange has been joined by many similar initiatives to demand Julian Assange’s release and denounce the abuses and arrogance of the powers that have held him prisoner for eleven years.

In the satirical and irreverent spirit of Carnival, flash mobs, processions and rallies will be animated by music, puppets, colourful ribbons and masks with the journalist’s face from Italy to Spain, from Germany to France, the UK, Mexico, the US and Argentina. Debates and film screenings are also planned; there will be demonstrations in front of the US, UK and Australian embassies and consulates, and webinars with well-known personalities who have long been committed to the release of Julian Assange. An interview with Stella Assange is planned.

The map of events, which has grown to over 40 worldwide, can be viewed at this link.

During the live broadcast on Pressenza Italia‘s YouTube channel, on that of Terra Nuova Edizioni and on that of 24h Assange from 10.30 a.m. there will be live connections from the various places involved in the day of denunciation and solidarity, with interviews and performances.

Here is the indicative program:

h.10.30 start and live connection from Perpignan

h. 11 St Feliu de Pallerols

h. 11.30 Faenza

h. 12,15 Reggio Emilia

h. 12,30 Sabadell

h. 12.45 Figueres

h. 13.20 h L’escala

h. 13,30 Liège

h. 13,45 Napoli

h. 15.30 Namur

h. 15.45 Roma

Webinar with Laura Tussi, Fabrizio Cracolici, Maurizio Acerbo, Giorgio Cremaschi, Paolo Ferrero

h. 17 London Night Carnival

h. 18.15 Cagliari

h. 18,30 Tarragona

h. 19 Buenos Aires

h. 20 Madrid

h. 20.30 Barcelona

followed by speeches by personalities; a connection with Noam Chomsky is planned