Pressenza, an international news agency focused on Peace and Nonviolence, is currently celebrating 14 years of uninterrupted news coverage.

We talked about this with Pía Figueroa, a Siloist since her youth and founder of the communication project.

In the interview, the current co-director of the agency told us in detail about the beginnings and the evolution process of Pressenza.

What does it mean to communicate from a nonviolent point of view? and what is the role of Pressenza in the face of disinformation, information manipulation, and hate speech, so widespread today, were some of the other questions discussed.

The dialogue was also conducive for the editor to share a humanistic view on the current situation of the world and people.

Finally, in line with an approach that links personal transformation with social action, we asked Pía about what these “more than 5100 days” – to use her own words – of dedicated participation in Pressenza have meant for her life.

The video is in Spanish with English subtitles

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