Despite the rapidly worsening situation in terms of human rights, Hong Kong overtakes Italy in about one thing: police officers can be identified by appropriate alphanumeric codes.

They tend to hide them, though. On November 19th, the High Court stated that concealing their codes during the demonstrations that occurred in 2019 proved to be a violation of the Hong Kong Charter of rights.

Actually, the High Courts blamed the police chief of Hong Kong for not adopting and implementing an effective method to make sure that police officers, except those employed in undercover operations, displayed their identification number.

The High Court went even further than that by considering inadequate the current internal investigation procedures about the police violence.

Police officers who cannot be identified and the methods that are lacking to assess individual responsibilities are the perfect conditions to allow impunity.

Hong Kong’s High Court seems to have finally realized that.

Translation by Roberta Mereu,  from the voluntary Pressenza translation team. We are looking for volunteers!