From 5 to 11 October, Extinction Rebellion (ER) will take action in Rome performing civil and non-violent disobedience actions.

● XR addresses the government, as it is doing nothing about the ecological and climatic situation, breaking the social contract and endangering the citizens’ life and future.
● XR appeals to the press and media to draw attention to the effects of the climate and ecological crisis, and to full-scale actions that could reduce it; mass media should use its huge informational and educational power to raise public awareness about this imminent terrible existential threat.
● XR means to remind the big companies of their responsibilities, because they put profit before people’s wellness and safety.
● XR’s activists are aware that a massive and structured change is required to carry out an ecological transition; that is why they invite the government to involve the citizens in a decision-making process by setting up a “Community meeting”.
● XR invites all people who care for the future of all living creatures to join this inclusive and non-violent
rebellion all week long.
● To take part in the action, it will be required to use personal protective equipment and to keep physical distancing.

Italian Extinction Rebellion (, while opening the October rebellion in Rome claims: “ We are at a point where the global disasters are intersecting. Climate crisis, ecological collapse, Covid-19 pandemic, racial injustice, patriarchy; all these are symptoms of a broken system that is leading us to a social breakdown. Humanity stands at a crossroads. It is either a question of radically change our pattern of development while we are slowly recovering from pandemic, by reducing quickly the global emissions to zero, stopping the destruction of whole ecosystems and building up a fairer, inclusive and more equal society; or we will be losing our best (and maybe last) chance to alleviate the ecological and climatic deterioration for good.
There is no time to waste. Crisis does not necessarily mean global collapse. It is high time to decide altogether
how to initiate the ecological transition, in such urgent situations”.

Translation by Roberta Mereu from the voluntary Pressenza translation team. We are looking for volunteers!

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