October 2nd 12:00 p.m. – More than one million signatures have been collected all over Europe to put an end to cage farming. This goal has been achieved thanks to 170 animal rights organizations, environmental and consumers’ groups that gathered together to defend the animals’ rights and provide them a decent life. This has been the third petition as regards to the amount of signatures collected and the first one in defense of farmed animals.

Reality has exceeded all hopeful expectations: among 1.6 million signatures collected,1.4 million have been certified and we know that one million is the minimum necessary for European Citizens’ activities to be effective.

#EndTheCageAge coalition has become a real movement of citizens who have been fighting together every step of the way.

Two busy years have passed:
●the European citizens’ initiative End The Cage Age has been launched
●an amazing amount of signatures have been collected to say #StopCages and to put an end to this cruelty
●as required by the European Commission, all signatures of each Member State have been verified and validated

It has been a tremendous job which led to some results that will have to be taken into account by politicians, farmers and all civil society, who cannot help but ask themselves “Whose side am I on?”

It seems to be a significant first step and Pressenza, which is sensitive to all rights, will keep you updated on practices and outcomes.

Translation by Roberta Mereu, from the voluntary Pressenza translation team. We are looking for volunteers!