In this link, you can follow live the spontaneous mobilization that is taking place in Santiago de Chile. One million people according to the radio.

19:15 The Carabineros (police) began to pour tear gas and water upon the people, who were demonstrating in a joyful and nonviolent way.

The reaction was swift and the people went for the police cars in a rage. They chased the cars using sticks, iron slats… whatever they could find.

According to the radio, about 1 million people gathered.

19:00 After this morning’s march, hundreds of women who walked the Alameda dressed in black and in total silence to honour the dead and demand the State not to continue hurting or killing people who protest, it was thought that this afternoon in Santiago the population was going to go to the cemeteries to remember their loved ones, taking advantage of the bright spring sun.

However, spontaneously and in a self-convoked way, thousands of people attended Plaza Italia, the most central point of the capital that has become the symbol of rebellion.

Neither political forces nor social movements called to attend this afternoon, and it was one of the largest demonstrations taking place in the two weeks since the beginning of this social explosion in demand for a new pact, a new way of living together in society.

People no longer want patchy measures, they want to go to the root of the problem and give themselves a new Constitution, capable of embodying the conditions in which they want to live.

[President] Piñera’s cabinet changes are not enough, nor the social measures he has proposed, it is not enough that he has removed the military from the streets, the people have had enough and want him to leave.