The COP25 Climate Conference will now take place in Madrid from December 2nd – 13th.

It’s where the largest countries and contributors to greenhouse emissions will come together from December to flesh out details of the implementation of the landmark Paris Agreement Climate Pact.

With the background of the cancellation of the event in Chile due to deadly civil unrest involving protests in the midst of rampant inequality, extreme neo-liberalism, and deficient healthcare and education, it becomes ever so more apparent that there is no climate and ecological justice without social and global justice.

Considering the recent failed UN Climate Action Summit held in New York, US, in September 2019, and a cold reception from many major stakeholders of the most recent IPCC and IPBES reports, it certainly feels for many rebels that Madrid is the place to be this December.

What we need:

National XR groups to come together and organize a Europe-wide event (no need to fly), but focused on a specific location: the COP25 in Madrid.

Of course, those rebels who cannot make it are invited to participate online in many ways, as we already do.

We need a narrative about how this is an attempt to escape the turmoil in the Global South caused by social injustice (and the climate and ecological injustice that this is inexorably linked to – history and actuality of neocolonialism etc).

And we need to decide what we’ll get up to once we’re there.

It is time to rebel for LIFE!

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