Despite the ban on demonstrations and the eviction of Trafalgar Square camp, London, the protest of Extinction Rebellion does not stop but rather expresses itself in new and creative ways.

The ban has been widely criticised. “If opposing the climate and ecological crisis and defending humanity is against the rules, then the rules must be broken,” wrote Greta Thumberg in a post. For Amnesty International the ban is illegal, while the Labour Party called it an “attack on civil liberties”.

Green MEPs Caroline Lucas and Ellie Chowns, Guardian journalist George Monbiot and others today appealed the ban to the Supreme Court on behalf of Extinction Rebellion.

In the afternoon, after a new assembly in Trafalgar Square, George Monbiot was arrested. “It is the only real power to appeal for climate protest. By jeopardizing our bodies and our freedom, we make it impossible to ignore this great issue,” he said.

Translation Pressenza London