After listening to BBC radio, watching live news feed from different TV channels and reading varying reports from mainstream and independent sources for the last 15 hours, I believe that the responsibility of these monstrous bloody attacks on innocent people should fall on those governing this country and other European nations, especially on those so called great European democracies for their failing intelligence and for keeping the people of those countries totally misinformed.

Not only can murderers with 22 inch knives jump out of a van in the middle of the night and start stabbing innocent by passers, but crowds in bars and restaurants in the area are forced to lie down while police with automatic rifles raid their place of enjoyment and treat them like petty criminals. Meanwhile, those at London Bridge are ordered to raise their hands above their heads and are marched out of the area like panicking innocent sheep.

I live in London and must go back to work on Monday not far from where these events have taken place. I am certain that the first thing I will see when getting into the underground will be big ugly headlines on the Metro paper and when returning home more bad news in the Evening Standard about the mentioned fatal events that occurred on Saturday night. How reassuring!! Are Londoners, Parisians, and Berliners supposed to go work and walk around their cities as if nothing had happened? The messages announced in the media by May, Hollande/Macron or Merkel after terrorist attacks are designed to make the population feel that there is no further danger and that those in power with their expensive security forces and omnipresent intelligence will take care of us. If that were true there would have been no more terrorist incidents in the U.K., France or Germany. There a lot of questions left to be answered and nobody is prepared to answer them because we, the normal citizens of these great cities are just stupid sheep who deserve no explanations, or at least that is what those in power think of us. I urge people not to be so gullible when watching, listening to or reading the news, but to ask yourselves: What are the real political, economic and social reasons behind these terrible events and what can we do to stop them once and for all.