Press release by the No to War – No to NATO network in their counter summit in Warsaw, Poland.

Six Polish organizations of peace and social movements as well as the international network No to War – No to NATO conducted a NATO Alternative Summit “No to War – No to Militarism – Yes to Refugees” in Warsaw on Friday July 8th. The aim of the conference was to continue the delegitimization of the largest military alliance of the world which is permanently and globally involved in wars.

About 150 people from 18 countries participated in the unexpectedly large counter summit. Among others, participants came from Russia, the USA, the Czech Republic, the Ukraine, Poland, France, Germany, the UK, Belgium and Spain. They discussed current wars and conflicts, the creation of peace, social justice and common security in Europe. Present dangers of increasing militarism in Eastern Europe are worrisome, particularly because of troop movements, aggressive maneuvers and NATO’s missile defense shield. Scenarios right up to a “great war in Europe” cannot be precluded anymore.

The participants agreed that the international peace movement is facing the largest challenge of recent years. NATO induced confrontation with Russia, global armamentism projects such as missile defense and the modernization of nuclear weapons need to be stopped in order to give a process of cooperation in Europe a chance. The deployments of NATO’s military structures to the Western border of Russia as well as Russian reactions bear the danger of an intended or accidental war. A common and cooperative system of security orientated towards the needs of people is the alternative.

“Intensified international networking of peace and social movements is necessary”, said Kristine Karch, Co-Chair of the international network No to War – No to NATO. She continued: “the impressive meeting in Warsaw was an important step in the necessary connection to Eastern European and Russian movements”.

“Even in such a NATO-loving country as Poland we could successfully delegitimize NATO. We presented many facts from many different countries and clearly stated that the dinosaur NATO does not have a future”, said Lucas Wirl, Co-Chair of the international network No to War – No to NATO.

Actions continued on Saturday with a demonstration and on Sunday there will be a strategy meeting of the international peace movement.