Euro-Survey will take place from the 1st to the 17th of October and will be promoted by EuroMarches2015

This citizens’ initiative consists of doing an opinion survey of European citizens during EuroMarches2015[1], in all European languages, about the 5 central issues of EuroMarches. It’s the first experience of a Citizen EuroSurvey on a European level done without the intermediation of governments or opinion-poll companies. Citizens consult each other in order to know each other’s opinions directly concerning the subjects that concern us most. In Spain there have already been surveys of this kind such as the Survey on Public Health[2] which successfully stopped the privatisation of public hospitals in Madrid.

This EuroSurvey will be done on-line: There will also be physical tables set up for the survey with internet connection and/or paper which will be uploaded to the website. They are two mutually reinforcing surveys.

Citizens self-organise

This is an attempt at citizen empowerment to open new kinds of participation. This EuroSurvey will be done outside the circuits of official organisms, media companies, news agencies, polling companies, etc. It will be publicised in the street, mouth to mouth, on social media, twitter, Facebook, direct connection between citizens.

On the website all the documents for printing can be downloaded in order to do the survey in the street, at an event, a demonstration, etc.

The issues on which the survey is based are the central issues of EuroMarches:

  • The policies of “austerity” dictated by the Troika, privatisations and debt.
  • The interference of European institutions in the democratic processes of member countries.
  • Tax havens in Europe and the EU’s position regarding them.
  • Secret negotiations of TTIP.
  • The fight against xenophobia, discrimination and the issue of refugees.

Over the course of 17 days from the 1st of October at 00:00 to the 17th of October at 24:00 (GMT). Citizens of the European Union can participate in any official European language. Participation is also possible from other European countries, as well as from other continents. The results will be published and broken down by country.

Being a self-organised action by citizens, we trust that it will be widely supported in this important moment for Europe. It will be pioneering as it is a survey managed directly by citizens and on a pan-European scale.

In Spanish we will also test in parallel an open survey in the appgree[3] system. This format allows for citizens themselves to propose questions for others to vote on.

Results will be published on a daily basis. The implementation of the website is done by AutoConsulta Ciudadana[4].

EuroSurvey falls within a line of work whose interest is to develop new tools for citizen participation.

Those behind this initiative say: Put your creativity and imagination at the service of the people!!

Rafael de la Rubia

AutoConsulta Ciudadana

Mundo sin Guerras y sin Violencia

It is one of the actions of EuroMarches2015 in which dozens of European organisations are participating.


[1] EuroMarches website

[2] Public Health Survey website

[3] Videos appgree: 1) 2) and 3)

[4] Auto Consulta website