According to U.S. Intelligence the decision to attack Libya was unjustified and illegitimate and was carried on solely by the determination of Hillary Clinton.

For readers familiar with geopolitical affairs or who follow them carefully this will certainly not be a surprise. It might even cause a sarcastic smile and a comment saying “It’s as obvious as the discovery of hot water”. However, only very few people know about such stories or are informed about what happens behind the scenes, of criminal acts perpetrated by so-called citizens motivated by the fact that in so doing they are defending democracy, liberty and human rights. This is why we are writing this article, to challenge the silence of the media and its connivance with events of this nature.

Let’s talk about the war in Libya, a war that in 2011 brought about the killing of Muammar Ghaddafi. After the events occurring in the Arab Spring, the Libyan people (or struggles carried out by mercenaries paid by someone else) rose up in insurrection against which the Libyan police forces reacted with great strength. And only one month from the initial domestic clashes, the UN Security Council decided to intervene by passing Resolution 1973, the aim of which was to set up a no-fly zone over Libyan territory in order to protect the civilian population.

The military intervention started on 19 March and various allied countries took part including Italy. Soon, in total disrespect of the no-fly zone, the intervention which had started with the hypocritical excuse of avoiding a humanitarian crisis turned into a blind and cruel manhunt to find Ghaddafi in the immediate aim to supress him. Whereas that which had been passed off in the media as a “surgical operation” to be carried out with intelligent bombs actually turned out to be a horrible war, slaughtering civilians, children, women whose only crime was to have an intelligent explosive bomb fall onto their heads. The humanitarian crisis which had been so much feared and against which the intervention had been started was therefore caused by the allied intervention and not by other parties.

In the last few days, with respect to the Libyan war the Washington times has revealed a few secret recordings which have been enriched by some statements from a few important members of the United States Congress and the Pentagon – the US intelligence, from which emerge some blood-curdling intrigues given from different view-points. The superficiality, the arrogance and in some cases the naiveté with which Ms Clinton handled the question is to be condemned, It led to the unjustifiable degeneration of the first episodes into an atrocious conflict. Much to be criticised is also her inability to listen and her tendency to ignore even the US Intelligence which had on various occasions stressed that the intervention was erroneous, unjustified and illegal.

But first things first. The thesis which Clinton had supported was based on the assumption that Ghaddafi intended to carry out a genocide and create a humanitarian crisis. In this hypothetical scenario, a lack of intervention would have actually meant a replay of the Rwanda war. Such were the motivations used by Hillary Clinton who was constantly pushing to convince first Obama and then NATO members that such a war was imminent, only to soon find found an eager war-mongering supporter and ally in Sarkozy.

In the recordings it is possible to listen to the conversations with Seif Ghaddafi, the colonel’s son, who on many occasions almost seemed to plead that an intervention should not be carried out and at the same time explain that a big mistake was being made in evaluating the situation. All this in a similar way to the mistake made in the past in Iraq which had caused the attack on Saddam under the motivation that he possessed weapons of mass destruction, which was not actually true. On the other hand, Seif was asking the USA for help and invited them to come over on a mission to see with their very eyes what was really happening.

What was being revealed was that the US and NATO were defending and supporting with their ships, planes and armaments, Jihadists, who were gangsters and terrorists and in no way free Libyan rebels. Let’s now keep this aspect well in mind and ask ourselves how it could ever be possible that arms trafficking be created in such a hot area of our planet and how it was possible for “terrorists” (meaning those who are present in the area today) to possess such well stocked arsenals. This is confirmed once again by the consequences we are still regretting today (i.e. the IS, the situation in Syria, Charlie Hebdo, etc.).

On the other hand, these revelations and confessions revealed by the Times prove how illogical and unusually defective were the links between Ms. Clinton and the Intelligence Services. The positions of the Pentagon and Mike Mullen of the General Military Staff were strongly pitted against the use of force. There is an evident distortion between what was really happening in Libya and the feelings of Ms. Clinton, who was acting in total disregard of the Pentagon’s warnings.

On the other hand even the accounts of witnesses and the Human Rights Watch reports, though they did report a number of victims, did not point out the possible risk of a humanitarian crisis or of the hazard of massacres or acts of genocide, as was on another side also declared by Sarah Leah Whitson, the Director of the Human Rights Watch of the North African and Middle-East area.

But Ms. Clinton was blindly pushing her way forward, and, according to some leaks which surfaced later, half way through March 2011 went as far as to meet Mahmoud Jibril, a representative of the Libyan rebels, in the Hotel Paris Westin. With that very man who was later to become the head of the National Transition Government , and who had previously been acting as a close collaborator of Colonel Ghaddafi and appointed by him to public office.
After that 45-minute conversation with Jibril, Hillary Clinton grew even more determined in her conviction that armed intervention was both necessary and urgent. It is useless to wonder how it is possible that she should meet a rebel in Paris in that precise moment, or how she could give more credit to that conversation than to the whole “dream team” of US Intelligence.

From that moment on Ms. Clinton ordered that all doors be barred to any negotiation attempt and even to any form of contact with Libya. At the same time, however, continuing on its devious path, the Intelligence Department continued to keep up its links with the Libyans who were still continuing to ask that the war operations be stopped and a truce reached, an appeal to which the Ex- Secretary of state turned a deaf ear.

What happened then were the events occurring on 19 of March 2011. The first “Intelligent bombs” were dropped and a feeling of impotence invaded people in the world who loved nonviolence and justice and who were really continuing to fight for human rights.

The rest of the story is well known. Our Ministers and President Napolitano issued relativistic statements and spoke of “surgical strikes” while at the same time on the network it was possible to observe the blood-curdling videos showing massacres and inhuman destructions the day after those intelligent bombs had been dropped.

The rest is the story of the complicity and Barack Obama’s lack of weight in the matter. He, the Nobel Prize winner who has more than anyone else caused killings in the course of history and materially hindered the course of peace! Of that Obama which no less than a few days ago prostrated himself at the feet of the throne of Saudi Arabia in front of the freshly appointed king Salman, who is certainly no saint (just as Ghaddafi was not) and who knows a lot about violence and the violation of human rights; a man who possesses petrol and a strategic geographical position, and is consequently a respectable leader according to the USA.

The rest is history, it is our history, that which sees cunning, devious people getting off scot-free however many abuses and crimes they may have committed both in daylight and wartime, and who still enjoy the international consensus allowing them to point their fingers at others and call them evil terrorists.

The rest is history, but is still with us today, the events which from Charlie Hebdo on will make the man in the street believe that a war has broken out now between the Western world and the Middle East, though it has been years that we westerners have been bombing innocent people and civilians in those territories on the grounds of our economic interests and which however is not considered as terrorism.

And the future. Yes, the future may be presenting us with the possibility that Hillary Clinton will become Obama’s successor…

Translation. Francesca Piatit