The international meeting “East-West Dialogues – Siloism, Universalist Humanism and New Spirituality in the worldwide social context” took place in Varkala, India on February 16th – 22nd 2015.

The meeting was attended by humanists from:
Asia: Nepal, Bangladesh, India (Tamil Nadu, Maharastra, Kerala)
Europe: Italy, Spain, France
Latin America: Chile

With participants representing:
Community for Human Development
Convergence of Cultures
Humanist Party
Center of Humanist Studies
Silo’s Message

Presentations, speeches and above all interchanges were done, trying to clarify how, starting from an analysis of the world situation and Universalist Humanism, Siloism can irradiate towards the world in the next years.

Among the different proposals for the future, outstanding was the necessity to make this kind of initiative grow, increasing participation starting from the different activities developed all over the world by the participants of these organisations (Organisms) and Silo’s Message.

All productions will be available on the website of the event.