Howard Richards

Howard Richards is a philosopher of Social Science who works with the concepts of basic cultural structures and constitutive rules.


This is a note which purpose is to get the reader interested in theory, by showing that theory matters for practice. We are not trying to sell you our theory, but we do have a theory. It says that modern…

Ending Mass Unemployment and Poverty

The causa causans Keynes identified in a passage cited in the previous note was investment*. Investment by profit-seeking investors is regarded as the source of employment. If it stops, employment, stops. At least that is true when one sees the…

The Humans and the Viruses: The World Economic Forum and the Coronaviruses

The humans and the viruses are two forms of life with parallel but different adaptive strategies. According to the abbreviated story I am offering you, our pre-hominid ancestors crossed the line separating non-human from human and became homo sapiens when…

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