Alyn Ware

Alyn Ware

Alyn Ware is International Representative for Aotearoa Lawyers for Peace and Consultant for the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms. He served as Executive Director of the Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy from 1992-1999, coordinating the World Court Project campaign on the ICJ Advisory Opinion on legal status of nuclear weapons, and was a volunteer for Greenpeace New Zealand in 1985, showing public over the Rainbow Warrior when it was in Auckland Harbour.

Beyond Nuclear monitoring struggle to prevent meltdown in Japan

Beyond Nuclear maintains a round-the-clock vigil, monitoring the situation at Japan’s nuclear reactors after the giant earthquake, and provides information about it. The past 24+ hours have witnessed the unfolding nightmare of a potential nuclear reactor meltdown after unit 1 at Fukushima Daiichi was crippled due to loss of power after the 8.9 magnitude earthquake.

“It is a minority who are spoiling it for the rest.”

Alyn Ware, winner of a 2009 right-livelihood award promotes the Nuclear Weapons Convention and vegetarianism in his acceptance speech, at the award dinner in Sweden. He attacks the weapons industry and calls on individuals to act locally while thinking globally to tackle the threat of nuclear weapons and climate change. “It is a minority who are spoiling it for the rest”.

10th Nobel Peace Summit welcomes World March for Peace and Nonviolence

I had the honor to participate in the X Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Berlin 10-11 November. The Summit, entitled “Breaking down new walls and building bridges to ensure a World of Human Rights and a World without violence” brought together Nobel laureates who have made a significant contribution in breaking down the walls of conflict, poverty and human rights violations.

Nuclear Abolition Flame lit in Hiroshima – brought back to New Zealand

On August 5, Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey lit a Nuclear Abolition Torch from the Peace Flame in Hiroshima in preparation for its being carried around the world on the World March for Peace and Nonviolence. Mayor Harvey was in Japan for the annual assembly of Mayors for Peace – an international movement of 3000 cities calling for the elimination of nuclear weapons.

Call for an Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone

The Copenhaguen conference calls for Arctic nuclear-weapon-free zone to be demilitarized as Antarctica. It was attended by parliamentarians, academics, scientists, indigenous representatives and activists from Arctic countries and from established nuclear-weapon-free zones. Participants are flying to Thule military base, Greenland – site of B52 nuclear bomber crash in 1968.

Hiroshima Flame to travel the world for nuclear abolition

A torch to be lit from the Hiroshima Flame on August 5 will be carried on a march around the world to promote the abolition of nuclear weapons – ending up at the United Nations in May 2010 for a major inter-governmental conference on nuclear non-proliferation.
It will remain alight until all nuclear weapons are eliminated.

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