Luca Cellini

Luca Cellini has participated with the Humanist Party. He was a volunteer with the Conscientious Objectors Association and an activist with Greenpeace. He participated in the Mir Sada International Peace March, a nonviolent peace convoy during the Bosnian conflict in Mostar and Sarajevo, to try to stop the conflict. He participated in the Social Forum and in the World March for Peace and Nonviolence. He founded the Valdarno Sustainability Committee with which he promotes the formation of the Valdarno Valdsieve coordination network to stop the construction of landfills and incinerators. He is passionate for writing, interested in alternative information, economics, research in the field of energy, strategies to achieve zero waste, and ecology, topics for which he has held public meetings and seminars for high school students. He works as a designer for the industry sector. Currently he engaged as volunteer in the fight against child exploitation and again Human Trafficking. Editor and columnist for Pressenza.

Els metges cubans han aterrat a Milà per a ajudar a Itàlia amb el Covid-19

Un grup de 37 metges cubans i 15 infermeres que treballaran als hospitals de campanya establerts per l’exèrcit italià a Llombardia han aterrat a Itàlia. Van arribar directament de l’Havana per a ajudar als seus col·legues italians en aquests dies…