Reto Thumiger

The Swiss-born business administrator has been an activist in the New Humanism for over 25 years. His concerns, such as cultural diversity, equal rights and opportunities for all people, as well as an inner and outer revolution - based on active nonviolence - led him to very different countries, such as Hungary, Spain, Togo and Sierra Leone. Through his voluntary work in Pressenza Berlin he wants to give a mouthpiece to the new sensibility and the new awareness appearing in the world. With his commitment for the organization ‘Convergence of Cultures’ he would like to get from a multicultural coexistence to a truly worldwide human nation.

Puigdemont: La negació del diàleg no és una opció en democràcia

Carles Puigdemont, expresident de la Generalitat de Catalunya, s’ha presentat aquesta vesprada a la premsa a Berlín per primera vegada des del seu alliberament. La conferència de premsa organitzada de la nit al dia i aparentment improvisada va tenir lloc…