Antonio Carvallo

Antonio Carvallo is a professional interpreter from Chile, now living in Truro in the UK. With a background in Law from the University of Chile he joined the embryonic Humanist Movement founded by the Argentinean author and spiritual guide, Silo in 1968. Over the subsequent years he developed this current in Peru, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Australia and the United Kingdom. From 1988, as the General Secretary of the Humanist International, he travelled to Zambia to develop high level links with the Kaunda Government as it transitioned to multi-party elections, and to the Soviet Union in the times of Perestroika. He is the father of four children.

Kenneth Kaunda: un amic Humanista

Kenneth Kaunda en 2017, durant una visita del president sud-africà Jacob Zuma. (Imatge de GCIS/Flickr)   Kenneth Kaunda el darrer pioner de la independència del colonialisme africà (1924-2021) Vaig conèixer KK, com l’anomenen afectuosament a Zàmbia, el 1989 acompanyant a…