Guido Viale

Guido Viale was born in Tokyo in 1943 and lives in Milan. He participated in the student movement of 1968 in Turin and was a member of the Lotta Continua group until 1976. He graduated in philosophy at the University of Turin. He worked as a teacher, preceptor, translator, journalist, researcher and consultant. He has carried out studies and economic research with various companies and worked on cooperation projects in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. He has been a member of the technical and scientific committee of the Italian Agency for Environmental Protection. Among his publications: A Disposable World, Everybody in Taxi, At Home, Government of Garbage, Life and Death of the Car, Virtues that Change the World. With Editions NdA Press of Rimini he published: Evidence of a different world, Ecological conversion, Europe can be reinvented together with refugees and migrants. With Interno4 Editiors he published in 2017, Slessico Familiare, Words worn out - open perspectives, a repertoire for the times to come. In Interno4 Editions he also published in 2018 an updated edition of his important book on the 1968 protest movement.

Une alliance pour le climat et la justice

L’Italie est le centre de gravité de la Méditerranée pour des raisons géographiques et historiques : elle a été le point de rencontre de toutes les civilisations qui font face à la Mare Nostrum. Aujourd’hui, pour les mêmes raisons, l’Italie…