Dario Lo Scalzo

Dario Lo Scalzo: Journalist, writer and videomaker Dario has a professional background in banking, microcredit, lean thinking and change management. For years, he has been involved in Human Rights and Nonviolence issues. As a journalist, he wrote for Terranauta and Il Cambiamento (as a columnist and creator of the "Invisible Stories" section). He also cooperated with other online and print newpapers (Girodivite, Left Avvenimenti, Il Clandestino con permesso di soggiorno). In 2020, he created and launched the Video Team of the online green magazine "GreenMe". Currently, Dario is part of the Italian editorial staff of Pressenza International Press Agency and he is a freelance video-journalist at Radiotelevisione svizzera (RSI)

Vandana Shiva: “la no-violència construeix la resilencia de l’esperit”

L’activista Vandana Shiva va llançar un missatge fort i esperançador durant la conferència “Veri a les portes” a Roma el 10 de juliol. Segons els científics, el 70% del menjar que es consumeix a tot el món segueix sent cultivat…