Timmon Wallis

Timmon Wallis is the Executive Director of NuclearBan.US. He holds a PhD in Peace Studies from Bradford University. He has served as executive director of Nonviolent Peaceforce, and he has directed peace-building projects in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Georgia, Myanmar, Chechnya, Croatia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and South Sudan. He has also served as editor of Peace News, as director of the National Peace Council (UK), as international secretary of Peace Brigades International, as training manager for International Alert, and as programme manager for Quakers in Britain. He was the founder and director of Peaceworkers UK.

Mettons hors la loi toute activité en lien avec les armes nucléaires

Le traité sur l’interdiction des armes nucléaires (TIAN) met hors la loi l’utilisation des armes nucléaires. Mais ce n’est pas ce qui rend ce traité si important. En effet, nombreux sont ceux qui soutiennent que toute utilisation imaginable d’armes nucléaires…