Pía Figueroa

Pía Figueroa

Co-Director of Pressenza, life-long humanist, author of several monographs and books.


The whale-saving petition

The proposal to legalize whale killing went down in flames in recent Morocco meeting. In a few short weeks, the biggest whale-saving petition in history, signed by an extraordinary number of 1.2 million of worldwide people, will be delivered directly to the key delegates at the International Whaling Commission meeting. »


Peace One Day

In 1999, preoccupied with questions about the fundamental nature of humanity and the most pressing issues of our time, filmmaker Jeremy Gilley launched Peace One Day and set out to find a starting point for peace. He had a mission: to document his efforts to establish the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence with a fixed calendar date. »


Creating life… making fire

From the time when the human being was first able to produce fire and could count on this source of energy to cook food, defend the entrances of the caves where they lived, warm themselves and illuminate the night, and then raise the temperature in ovens and kilns that allowed the making of pottery, melting of metals, working with glass... up to the creation of life. »


Clearly a new horizon is emerging

During the recent visit by Silo to the Park of Study and Reflection: Los Manantiales, located 70 kilometres north of Santiago de Chile, a profound hope was installed deep in the hearts of all those who heard his words from the Meditation Hall. "We believe," he said, "a new spiritual horizon is being born in the world." »


UN Secretary-General sends Nuclear Abolition Day message

This Saturday is Nuclear Abolition Day — a global day of action to abolish nuclear weapons, and the opportunity to respond to the Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference outcome. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today sent a video message of encouragement, which can be seen at [www.nuclearabolition.org](www.nuclearabolition.org) »


First Cell Controlled by a Synthetic Genome

Crossing the frontier and producing synthetic life for the first time, the discovery by a group of U.S. scientists, opens many areas of application while leaving open a new horizon for what we consider typical of the human being: the ability to make life. This is an extraordinary discovery that opens up the hope of better understanding the basic mechanisms that drive all life. »


Nuclear Abolition Day

On June 5, 2010, thousands of people across the world will take part in coordinated local events to mark Nuclear Abolition Day. The message is simple: it’s time for governments to begin negotiating a Nuclear Weapons Convention to ban all nuclear weapons. In some countries, protests will take place outside government buildings or at nuclear facilities. »


Advancing Nuclear Disarmament: The Power of Parliaments

UN Secretary-General remarks to the Inter-Parliamentary Union and Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament: "Ten years ago, the NPT Review Conference described the total elimination of nuclear arsenals as “the only guarantee against the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons”. Ten years on, I urge you to help to make disarmament a truly global cause". »


Electronic voting in children’s parliament

With the aim to create a sustainable, national children’s organ, the Finnish Children’s Parliament is having a positive impact on the establishment of local parliamentary activities. Direct network democracy is enabled through weekly chat meetings with electronic voting and permanent forum in children's Finnish Parliament. »


Lula: “Deactivation of what?”

“If we talk about deactivating something that has already expired, it makes no sense. I have a medicine cabinet at home from which I remove expired medicines. Unless we talk seriously about disarmament we cannot accept that there are countries that are armed to the teeth and others that are unarmed”, said the President of Brazil regarding the new USA and Russia agreement. »


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