Pía Figueroa

Pía Figueroa

Co-Director of Pressenza, life-long humanist, author of several monographs and books.


“Pedagogy of Intentionality” presented at the Santiago Book Fair

The new book of Rebecca Bize Bintrup and Mario Aguilar Arevalo aimed at educating for an active consciousness and providing a new educational paradigm, was presented to a full house at the International Book Fair of Santiago, in the Cultural Center, where the authors were signing books at Stand D 52, of the New Humanist publications. »


The Spanish/English version of the book “Parks of Study and Reflection” is presented in Santiago Book Fair.

The Hungarian-German, French-Italian, Portuguese-English versions of the book were not presented at this time as the Camilo Mori room became overcrowded with an audience almost exclusively Chilean. The project coordinators, G. Tomas Hirsch and Rafael A. Edwards explained the meaning of the book and the difficulties overcome in order to publish it. »


The Sciences of Freedom

Here we transcribe the entirety of the presentation given by Javier Tolcachier in the context of the Second International Symposium organised by the World Centre for Humanist Studies in the virtually interconnected Parks of Study and Reflection. Tolcachier gave this presentation in the Punta de Vacas Park of Study and Reflection. »


Art, the artist and inspiration

We are publishing here the complete paper presented by Professor Marina Fernandez to the Second International Symposium organised by the World Centre for Humanist Studies in the different virtually interlinked Parks of Study and Reflection. Marina Fernandez gave her presentation at Punta de Vacas Park of Study and Reflection in the thematic group of Art and Culture. »


Right-wing attacks to public media

Today Change.org Action Alert mentions Sarah Palin's attacks to public broadcasting and the campaign that is growing in order to tell North American Congress to stand up for NPR and public broadcasting. Here we reproduce the information about it and call the medias and journalists receiving Pressenza's articles to give diffusion to this campaign. »


Letter from the Chacras de Coria Ice-cream seller

Here we transcribe the entirety of these lines by “Guri”, the owner of the ice-cream parlour in Chacras de Coria, Mendoza, Argentina. “About the death of Silo”, in which he recounts his 25 year relationship with Mario Luis Rodríguez, Silo, who always bought his ice-creams and ate them on the terrace of his ice-cream parlour. »


Campaigning for Pakistan

Whilst tens of millions struggle to survive the flood devastation, 30% of Pakistan's budget revenue will be sent abroad to foreign creditors for massive loans made to dictators years ago. Rescue efforts for tens of millions of people whose lives have been devastated could be crippled. Avaaz campaign is trying to persuaded creditor governments to drop debt. »


United Nations emits report of “Harmony with Nature” Bolivia’s initiative

“The present technological era has meant an impoverishment of the relationship of human beings with nature”. This is one of the conclusions of the report “Harmony with Nature” that United Nations General Secretary will present to the General Assembly as a Bolivian initiative, that counts with the sponsorship of other 61 countries. »


Education for Nonviolence

More than 180 teachers from Gumaca and Lopez of Quezon province participated in and recently concluded two six-day workshop series organized by Ang Komunidad Para Sa Ikauunlad ng Tao, the Philippine organization linked internationally to The Community for Human Development. Held separately in the towns of Gumaca and Lopez, the workshop lasted the months of July and August. »


Russians Escape Moscow’s Dense Smoke Cloud

Muscovites have brought airports to a standstill with attempts to leave the Russian capital where the air has become unbreathable and visibility enormously reduced due to the dense smoke clouds from fires which in the last hours have been growing, due mainly to the very high temperatures of this summer; the highest registered in decades. »


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