Pía Figueroa

Pía Figueroa

Co-Director of Pressenza, life-long humanist, author of several monographs and books.


Marta Lucas has left these spaces

Quickly and unexpectedly, Marta Lucas, humanist sculptor and ceramicist has gone into the Light. A victim of meningitis, "the sculptor of fire" as she was known in the artistic circles of the city of Mendoza where she lived, died last night. A wake took place in the Small Hall of Silo’s Message located in Don Bosco and Primitivo de la Reta. »


Three humanists killed in Ivory Coast

According to information received by European Humanists Peter Noordendorp and Benoit Mangin, the situation in Ivory Coast has become increasingly violent: at least three Humanist non-violent activists are amongst those who have been killed. Ceremonies of Well-being (from Silo’s Message) for those involved in the non-violent struggle will be held throughout Europe and beyond. »


Gift to Obama: Silo’s Words and the book of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence

In the occasion of the visit of Barack Obama to Chile, he was sent today, via Miss Angie Quackenbush, the person responsible for protocol at the U.S. Embassy, a gift in reference to his being a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, along with wishes for inspiration in using his influence in the construction of a new and better world. »


The US Blocks Bolivia’s Request to Eliminate U.N. Ban on Coca Leaf Chewing

Colombia, Egypt and Macedonia have withdrawn their objection to Bolivia's request to end the prohibition of coca-chewing. US continues to support the racist ban on coca chewing. The pressure is now to make sure they are alone and particularly that the following nations: Russia, Japan, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Sweden don't support the US and that they are left isolated. »


Liberated Tunisia faces an uncertain future

Tunisia is in its way now that the dictator has been driven out and the country is looking to a new future. But Tunisians are skeptical regarding a new regime, focusing on the fact that key posts in the new national unity government remain in the hands of the old government party, the RCD. The opposition parties will need to play an important role in the new Tunisia. »


What Really Matters

Recently Petur Gudjonsson has launched in Island his new book entitled "What Really Matters" and the complete edition was sold out in five days, distributed by Samkaup through supermarkets and shops. A second edition was printed and is also having a very good reception from the readers, while he is preparing the launching of two new books: "Moving on" and "Really?". »


Current situation and trends acting in the Americas

In a group studying the present moment, made up with O. Cevey, J.J. Coscarelli, D. Ergas, J.G. Feres, P. Figueroa, T. Hirsch, M. Icarte, A. Koryzma, F. Palumbo, V. Piccininni and J. Vergara an attempt has been made to understand the current state of our American continent, without attempting to arrive at a conclusive view. We thought it interesting to publish it anyway. »


“Pedagogy of Intentionality” presented at the Santiago Book Fair

The new book of Rebecca Bize Bintrup and Mario Aguilar Arevalo aimed at educating for an active consciousness and providing a new educational paradigm, was presented to a full house at the International Book Fair of Santiago, in the Cultural Center, where the authors were signing books at Stand D 52, of the New Humanist publications. »


The Spanish/English version of the book “Parks of Study and Reflection” is presented in Santiago Book Fair.

The Hungarian-German, French-Italian, Portuguese-English versions of the book were not presented at this time as the Camilo Mori room became overcrowded with an audience almost exclusively Chilean. The project coordinators, G. Tomas Hirsch and Rafael A. Edwards explained the meaning of the book and the difficulties overcome in order to publish it. »


The Sciences of Freedom

Here we transcribe the entirety of the presentation given by Javier Tolcachier in the context of the Second International Symposium organised by the World Centre for Humanist Studies in the virtually interconnected Parks of Study and Reflection. Tolcachier gave this presentation in the Punta de Vacas Park of Study and Reflection. »


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