Pía Figueroa

Pía Figueroa

Co-Director of Pressenza, life-long humanist, author of several monographs and books.


Iceland’s Rock Bottom Approach to Debt Crisis: Let the Banks Fail

Iceland’s Rock Bottom Approach to Debt Crisis: Let the Banks Fail

Let the banks fail 2008 was a year of financial disaster and near government collapse. The crisis has been deemed by economists as the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of 1930s. But in the worldwide turmoil, the country that got hit the hardest is undoubtably Iceland. With… »


Somerville for Peace

https://vimeo.com/51250975 Here the video of Somerville’s Honkfest Parade with more than 700 musicians activists gathered for Peace. A production of Olivier D. Asselin  … »


“Peace Is”

“Peace Is”

From Athens, on the International Day for Peace, a significant day for the most profound expectations of all humans, we have the honor to announce the names of the winner’s photographers contest known as “Peace Is” for both categories: Category “General” Farooq Samina, Pakistan Bhattacharya Sanjoy, India… »


Could Malta Lead the Way to Nuke Disarmament?

By Martin E. Hellman* At first, it might seem inconceivable that tiny Malta could lead the world in solving an issue as momentous as nuclear disarmament. To see that possibility requires recognising that nuclear disarmament is a process involving a number of steps. Malta cannot take some of the later… »


Peace is…

Peace is…

The fourth international photo contest “Peace Is” was successfully completed on July 31. In that lasted 4 months, the competition website www.eirinieinai.gr was visited by over 11,000 unique visitors from around the world. 1500 images, 275 photographers from 53 countries, is the final report of the… »


Information, Communication and Culture of Peace – Keys to Sustainability Education

At the Global Media Forum, organised by Deutsche Welle and currently underway in Bonn, Germany, Pressenza director, Pia Figueroa was invited to participate on a panel on the theme of sustainability education. “We are convinced that until development is from all and for all human beings, violent conditions that put at risk social as well as personal life will persist.” »


Tens of thousands protest against cuts in Spain

Tens of thousands of people across all Spain protested in the streets against the new education and health care spending cuts proposed by the government, as the country faces its second recession in three years. Mariano Rajoy, announced recently a new proposal of tax hikes to come into effect during next year saying that "Spain needs deep structural change, not makeup." »


Interview to Mario Aguilar

We had a chance to talk with the humanist national leader of the Teachers' Association, in an interview carried out in "Umbral”, in the neighbourhood of Bellavista, in which we asked him to evaluate this year's most compelling demonstrations in Chile for a high quality and not-for-profit education, also attempting to make a projection of what may happen in the future. »



Here we give diffusion to a great song by Mark Lesseraux that has become also a good video produced and directed by Matthew Dimakos: [http://youtu.be/-b9Bj72qzjg](http://youtu.be/-b9Bj72qzjg) It is a synthesis of the new spirit that was manifested during 2011 and surely will develop with strenght in the new year to come, since it reflects deep hopes shared by the 99%. »


Pedro Páez letter

Here we give publication to the complete letter we received from our friend Pedro Páez, at the moment in which he concluded his duties as President of the Ecuadorian Presidential Technical Commission for the New International Financial Architecture, to which he were appointed by the Ecuatorian President Mr. Rafael Correa. »


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Film: The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons

Milagro Sala

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons


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