Pía Figueroa

Pía Figueroa

Co-Director of Pressenza, life-long humanist, author of several monographs and books.


Peace and Non-Violence in La Moneda

Four different convoys which went through the city of Santiago beginning in the early hours of the morning congregated in Constitution Plaza to welcome the international team from the World March for Peace and Non-Violence. The international team was met in the Palace of La Moneda by the President of the Republic, Sra Michelle Bachelet. »


Michelle Bachelet waves from the balcony

From the balcony, which historically presidents of Chile go out onto to greet the crowds that for one reason or another fill the Plaza de la Constitución to greet their president, President Michelle Bachelet, along with Rafael de la Rubia, international coordinator of the World March, Tomás Hirsch and Gloria Morrison, appeared with gestures of joy and affection. »



There are times when Latin American magical realism falls short in describing what has occurred, as happened on the Rumichaca bridge on the border between Colombia and Ecuador, when Juanes and Rafael de la Rubia were preparing to hand over the World March for Peace and Non-Violence flag to the Ecuadorian singer Juan Fernando Velasco. »


Bogotá expresses its longing for peace

In Bogotá, a huge crowd, all dressed in white, took part in a 3-hour march to show their support for the World March for Peace and Non-Violence. The people of Bogotá marched to show their desire and longing to live together in peace, without the threat of violence that directly affects their families and gives such a distorted image of this warm, friendly country. »


With a huge media display and very Latin human warmth, Bogota welcomes the arrival of the World March.

From the early hours of the morning, Colombia’s national television channels were announcing the arrival of the World March to the South American continent, while the city of Bogota was waking up to the this event. Towards midday members of the international team were welcomed at the airport with dance, music and a lot of human warmth. »


Ban Ki Moon’s Message to Tenth Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

Twenty years ago a wall fell and the world watched in awe and in hope. The Berlin Wall had stood for decades as a physical reminder of how mistrust and hatred can dominate relations between nations and peoples. The men and women celebrating its fall were rejoicing not just the reunion of Germany and end of the Cold War but the promise of a new era of freedom and optimism. »


Concordia Award for the Mayor of Berlin

Klaus Wowereit has been honoured with the Principe de Asturias a la Concordia Award, 2009, before an audience at the Teatro Campoamor di Oviedo (Spain), for transforming the capital of Nazi Germany in World War II into the modern, open and tolerant city of today which, amongst other things, will host the Summit of the Nobel Peace Prize. »


Peace March expeditionaries rest at Mount Ararat’s Base 1

Eduardo Gozalo, Aurora Marquina, Alvaro Orus and a few others reached the meadow at 3400 metres and set up Base camp 1, with the plan to continue the climb towards the peak of Mount Ararat, the mythical site where it is said Noah's Ark came to rest after the Great Flood. They will continue towards Base 2, located at 4500 metres. »


September 21: International Day of Peace

To encourage even greater awareness of this important International Day, the United Nations is encouraging people around the world to send text messages for peace on or before 21 September. UN offices in several countries are organizing campaigns. Messages collected by the UN will be presented to world leaders gathering in New York for the 63rd General Assembly from 23 September. »


From Asia, Lula positions himself for nuclear disarmament

The Brazilian President, in an official visit yesterday to Kazakhstan, advocated for international disarmament initiatives, including nuclear weapons. »


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