Mundo sin Guerras y sin Violencia

World without Wars and Violence has been a non-profit organisation for more than 20 years and receives no funding from any government. It has "Special Consultative Status" with the UN Economic and Social Council.

The position of World without Wars in front of any armed conflict

The last two years of armed conflict in Northern Africa and the Middle East that has filled the world’s news channels have caused World without Wars and Violence to elaborate several statements which we have published through our website and…

World without Wars: Foreign intervention in Mali

Exactly one year ago today, the Republic of Mali saw its sovereignty attacked by armed bandits of all kinds. In fact, the Azawad National Liberation Movement (MNLA), a secessionist movement of the northern regions, in connection with other armed groups,…

30 cities around the world to take part in the 1st international active nonviolence film festival

Some thirty cities in the continents of America, Africa, Europe and Oceania will celebrate the 1st International Film Festival of Active Nonviolence (FICNOVA in its Spanish acronym). FICNOVA, promoted by the humanist organisation World without Wars and Violence is aiming…

Declaration regarding the situation in Syria

World without Wars and Violence has been observing the dramatic events taking place in Syria in recent months with profound concern. It is clear that the non-violent popular protests in Tunisia and Egypt were not taken as models in the case of Libya.

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