Human Wrongs Watch

Human Wrongs Watch

Everybody talks about human ‘rights’ and this is just great. Nevertheless, human beings have been perpetrating, systematically, all kinds of wrongs–they kill each other, they destroy forests, seas, lands, and atmosphere. Simply, humans are now more than ever under the mercy of two dominant powers: the ‘market lords’ and the ‘war lords’–everything, humans included, are now subject to trade deals. Human wrongs Watch informs about some of the so many human ‘wrongs’–it’s our way to draw your attention. Maybe this initiative can help correct some of our misdoing.


Libya – War Crimes Committed … Before NATO’s Eyes

On 19 March last year, the UN Security Council decided to intervene militarily in Libya to protect unarmed, civilian citizens. The military intervention, which lasted more than seven months, consisted of continuos air surveillance, raids, reported ground actions and arms provision to the “insurgents” as part of such “protection” to the population of the oil-rich country. »


Millions of Urban Children at High Risk of Violence, Exploitation and Trafficking

One billion children live in urban areas, a number that is growing rapidly. Yet disparities within cities reveal that many lack access to schools, health care and sanitation. These children are at “high risk of exploitation and trafficking, as well as becoming victims of violence”. »


Iraq: No Care, No Protection for Millions of Homeless at Home

Today there are more than 1.3 million internally displaced Iraqis, with 500,000 of them “living in extremely precarious conditions". This is just one of the consequences of the U.S.-led invasion and occupation of Iraq, started in 2003 and ended -only officially- few weeks ago. »


The Terror of Unarmed Women Facing Armed Men

“Conflict-related sexual violence is not specific to one country or continent: it is a global risk [...] Wars have entered the marketplaces where women trade; they follow children en route to school; and haunt the prison cells where political activists are detained.” »


Arms Trade: ‘Political Chess Games Risk Millions of Lives’

While rights groups stress that the brutal crackdown on protesters in Syria and other Middle East and North Africa countries underlines the absence of a global regulation on the trade of conventional arms, a number of states –including U.S., China, and Russia– are rejecting the Inclusion of strong human rights safeguards in an international Arms Trade Treaty. »


Over 65 percent of Asia’s Elderly Population Will Be Women

With 60 percent of the world’s population, Asia has one of the largest concentrations globally of aging persons, creating a host of potential challenges, experts [warn]( Over 65 percent of Asia’s elderly population will be women. »


No Food for 10 Million People in Sahel, 5.4 Million in Niger

An estimated 10 million people or more are struggling to get enough to eat across the Sahel region, including 5.4 million in Niger alone, representing over one third of its total population. More than a million children under the age of five risk severe acute malnutrition in the region, up from 300,000 last year. »


UN to Assad: ‘Cease Violence, Protect People’… Please

The UN General Assembly strongly condemned the continued “widespread and systematic” human rights violations by the Syrian authorities and demanded that the Government immediately cease all violence and protect its people. »


Now the UN General Assembly Discusses Situation in Syria

New York, 13 February – The UN General Assembly began meeting on 13 Feb. to discuss the situation inside Syria, where thousands of people have been killed as a result of the Government’s ongoing crackdown against a pro-democracy uprising. »


No Food for Half of Oil-Rich South Sudan Population

Food shortages have worsened, with the number of South Sudanese without enough to eat rising from 3.3 million last year to 4.7 million currently, according to a new UN [report.]( This figure represents more than 50% of the recently independent oil-rich country, estimated in less than 9 million. »


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