Yanis Varoufakis with a passionate speech about Julian Assange’s release and a scathing criticism of those who sought to keep him behind bars for the crime of ‘journalism’.

Julian Assange is finally a free man.

The WikiLeaks co-founder was released from Belmarsh prison on Monday morning after 1,901 days of being kept inside the maximum-security location.

On May 20, judges at the UK high court in London had granted Assange the right to appeal his United States extradition and, on June 24, he was finally granted bail and was released at Stansted airport from where he boarded a plane and departed for Australia.

For us at MERA25 and DiEM25, in which Julian has been with us from the beginning as a founding member, the liberation of our comrade is a milestone: the fight for justice is never in vain.

This is the moment to redouble our efforts to free every political prisoner, everywhere!