The Humanist Party takes a stand against war and its dreadful business

The Humanist Party will hold its central campaign event for the European elections on Friday 7th June at 8 pm in the Vaguada Park in Madrid. Humanism will present its political proposals for Europe, among which the only morally valid, courageous solution that does not lead to disaster stands out: a commitment to non-violence.

José Luís Álvarez, Secretary General of the Humanist Party, and members of cultural and social humanist organizations and associations contributing to the party’s electoral program will speak at the event. “If it is true that the moment in which Europe and the world are living is complex and critical, it also offers the possibility of building from the foundations a new form of social organization, based on the best aspirations of individuals and peoples”, says Álvarez, inviting us to “build together with others”.

The proposals for the European elections are:

There is only a future if it is nonviolent. For decades, humanists have denounced the arms race, the threat of nuclear weapons, and the human and environmental catastrophes caused by wars. We do not want a future of wars for ourselves or future generations.

Defending the environment. If we want to tackle the problem of climate change and give our species a chance to survive on this planet, it must be made clear that capitalism and environmentalism are not compatible.

Immigration and multiculturalism. We do not want a uniform world, but a diverse world, as Europe has always been, which today must open itself to the world, without fear of diversity, without closing its borders, but learning from other peoples and promoting cooperation and solidarity.

True democracy. At a time when the wealth and power of the entire planet are being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, the tyranny of money is affecting representation in the political arena, with the result that the electoral process has become a mere formal democracy. We will propose some measures to move towards real democracy.

Free and quality health and education. Europe must listen to its young people and not only allow them to participate in building a new world but also facilitate their participation.

An economy that serves the majority. It is necessary to implement a new economic system that balances the relationship between capital and labor, in which speculation and usury disappear.

See the full program here.

You can watch the campaign spot at this link.