It has long been said: “The world is on the brink of great change” and indeed there have been great changes. As historical time speeds up, the more vertiginous.

By Javier Belda

Today we dream of adding to the statement: and it will be a change in a humanist direction.

This is not so much a prediction as an observation of the trends at play. We would like this to be an unequivocal prediction, but it would not be fair to cede to organised crime its catastrophic narrative about the future. Therefore, let us comment a little on the tracers at the present time.

In Béla Bartók’s opera Barbazul’s Castle, Judith obtains from her beloved the keys to seven mysterious doors, and opens them one by one. Behind the first is a torture chamber: it is Barbazul’s own torments that are locked there. Behind the second door is a cache of weapons. Next a treasure is uncovered, but all the jewels are stained with blood. Then Judith sees a magnificent garden behind the fourth gate; but when she looks closer, the earth, from which the trees and flowers sprout, is stained with blood. The fifth gate shows a broad landscape; a stream of blinding light rises from it, but a cloud above it seems to cast dark shadows, also tinged with blood. Behind the sixth door is a silver lake: these are the tears, the secret sorrows of a life. Bluebeard gives the keys to Judith; he wishes to embrace her and through his love escape from his past. However, Judith, because of her inclination for this strange man (who is in fact the archetype of man), and perhaps because of her eternal desire to redeem him, also requests the last key…

For decades capitalism has generated all kinds of barbarism in the world, but this was supposedly bearable. It was enough to close a door in order not to see the disaster caused, whether they were foreign peoples or one’s own, there was always some garden – Borrell dixit -, alien to the disaster produced, where to direct one’s look.

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Anti-humanist war against Russia and China

This week the press announced that Australia will buy 3 to 5 nuclear-powered submarines from the US[1].

They say: the submarine plan illustrates Washington’s long-term commitment to protect “peace and stability” in the Asia-Pacific region from a rising China, thereby strengthening Western power in the region.

In another article – in the banned media – they say:

“This would be a ticking time bomb for peace and stability in the region. Australia should not fall into the category of regional security spoilers just because of US pressure”.

In light of Australian media estimates that the deal could cost Australia an estimated $183 billion and push its defence spending upward to 2.5 per cent of GDP, Song Zhongping noted that “such a huge investment would leave Australia with a large burden of debt”. [2]

Very illustrative all of this… for it shows us what lies at the seventh gate of the anti-humanist no-plan. Capitalism has entered a deadly decline. No longer a decline to resolve its collapse, but to produce it at an accelerated rate.

This “thing” is not represented by any country in the world, but by the profound state. We have seen this clearly with the American virus [3]. If the indigenous citizens succumb to poverty, drugs, pollution [4] and disease it is not a problem at all; all well and good for the elite (BlackRock).

The same goes for the European subjects bent on their genocidal complicity.

This March 2023, the defence ministers of the 27 EU countries, meeting in Stockholm, approved the plan – presented by Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy – for the “joint procurement of large calibre ammunition”. The meeting was attended by the Ukrainian defence minister (although Ukraine is not a member of the EU), who ‘explained what Ukraine’s military needs are’. Borrell stated: “We are in a time of war and we must have a war mentality”. He went on to outline the Plan, which consists of three steps:

1) Take artillery shells, especially 155mm, out of EU member states’ stockpiles and supply them immediately to Ukraine. The money comes from the European Peace Fund (EFF), which has already earmarked 3.6 billion euros (paid for by EU citizens) for this purpose.

2) To make an agreement between the 27 EU member states for the joint procurement of 155mm shells a reality by signing the first seven-year contracts as early as next month. This is a massive request both to restore and increase national stockpiles and to secure supplies to Ukraine.

3) Ensure the long-term increase of ammunition production in Europe by supporting defence industries to secure long-term supply to Ukraine (the EU plans to supply Ukraine with approximately one million artillery shells).

Borrell also reported that ‘by the end of March, our Military Assistance Mission will have trained more than 11,000 Ukrainian soldiers. By “the end of the year we expect to have trained 30,000 soldiers”. The EU has earmarked 18 billion euros (again paid for by EU citizens) to help Ukraine.

Josep Borrell summed up the purpose of the plan with these words: “To win the peace, Ukraine must win the war. And why we must continue to support Ukraine to win the peace”. The EU is thus openly going to war against Russia as part of the increasingly dangerous strategy of the US and NATO.

Nicholas Roerich – Internet Archive

The Eastern response brings us closer to humanism

When the media – the authoritative ones – refer to the war in Ukraine they should say instead:

Since 24 February 2022 Russia has been conducting a special military operation to defend the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (now New Russia), previously recognised by Moscow as sovereign states, against genocide by Kiev (documented since 2014) [5] . One of the key objectives of the operation was defined by President Vladimir Putin as the demilitarisation and denazification of Ukraine.

Meanwhile China is fostering peace alliances: in the Middle East (in Yemen, between Iran and Saudi Arabia) [6], in Africa, in New Russia [7], etc. Human HISTORY is presented in capital letters, while the West is bent on underestimating Lao-Tse, Confucius and Sun Tzu.

For its part, Russia has given an exemplary response to the brutal aggression of a reissued Nazism, having been freed from the Pandora’s Box that Anglo-Saxon imperialism had kept as its secret treasure (after the end of World War II).

Apparently, they had pinned high hopes on their secret box: sanctions, colour revolutions, terrorism, Nazism, bacteriological laboratories, control and power of extortion over European states, etc. And they will continue to remove it from their little box; we expect nothing less.

Imperialism repeats itself in its arguments, whether it is the axis of evil or the bad guys [8] such as: Slobodan Milošević, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Bashar al-Assad or Vladimir Putin and, very soon, Xi Jinping.

But it is one thing to bomb the markets of Belgrade, Baghdad or Tripoli on a day when mums and their children were out shopping, and quite another to try to defeat the greatest country in the world that neither the Mongols, nor Charles XII of Sweden, nor Napoleon, nor Hitler could defeat.

No, gentlemen, this is not about Putin, it is about an entire nation that recognises its past.

An unprecedented sanctions aggression was unleashed against Moscow, aimed at crushing the Russian economy in the short term, “to collapse the national currency, the rouble, through the theft of foreign exchange reserves and to provoke destructive inflation”. However, the West’s plan did not succeed. Rather, we are witnessing the opposite. [9]

Humanism is latent in Russian culture, the same culture that is being tried to be ripped out of encyclopaedias and public squares in Ukraine and Lithuania.

Precisely humanism could emerge renewed in the future of a non-bipolar world.

Conceptually, the issue is not very complicated; if Russophobia is promoted, humanism will stand alongside the Slavic peoples who are to be suppressed. If those on whom bombs and Nazism spill out are vetoed from speaking out, humanism will join the cause of giving voice. Our hearts mourn the little arms of the explosions in Donbass, but they also mourn all the victims, no matter what uniform they wear. That same heart burns with passion at the unity, courage and serenity of an entire nation united in its culture, which today is a continuum of religion, empire, Soviet union and federation, all that and much more.

We speak of humanism as a future possibility and aspiration, not as an achievement or as a social model, for such a thing is something unknown to date.

What is it that can overcome the abyss if not the possibility of widening your heart with fullness and coherence?




[4] The frequent toxic spill that causes more risks and deaths in the USA than the Ohio train.

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