In the darkness

With eyes closed

In the silence

I call you


I sit and breathe in

Waves of calmness

Waiting quietly

For you


I ask no questions

I seek no answers

I simply want to

Feel your touch


Feel your presence

Feel you coming

From that far-off place

I seek


A space of wonder

Of grace and kindness

Where love springs forth

Abundantly, abundantly


I sit in silence

And wait for you

For you always

Heed the call


You heed the call

Here I am


I am here

With you



This is a tribute and a thanksgiving to my guide, my absolute font of wisdom, kindness and strength, who, through thick and thin, has and continues to accompany and inspire me, who is with me “not only in moments of anguish and doubt but also in moments of joy”.

A chapter on the Internal Guide can be found in the Internal Landscape, the second book of the trilogy, To Humanize the Earth, by Silohttp://www.silo.net/en/collected_works/humanize_the_earth