There are those in life who walk at our same pace, who are in the places we pass through, who chant with us the same slogans, who raise similar flags for the same decades and change them for other roles just as we have done with our own. Comrades in struggle, on the same routes, with similar purposes. People with whom we feel at parity and trust, we experience that we are united by a thousand situations, very varied circumstances, valuable common memories.

Gloria was where she had to be, she was a reference for many people, but also, and perhaps above all, a warm presence that she always wanted to contribute. A special light in her look, the complicity in her smile, to make us feel that we shared the fundamentals of this life, those causes that give meaning to existence.

Of the many different opportunities that I remember today, the time when Gloria went south to Mapuche territories and came back speaking Mapudungún comes to mind with special clarity. She would venture into unknown places and bring back a formidable experience that kept her in close connection with the natives with whom she learned to coexist.

Today she is ahead of us in the process and anticipating routes that we do not yet know. She has left for horizons that are far beyond what we envision, where the categories of time and space no longer exist, in those regions where profound transformation takes place and it is possible to immerse oneself in the most beautiful Light.

Gloria Mujica was part of our own history, twinned in life, sharing everything. Her generosity – so characteristic – opens today unexplored paths for us. We will follow in her footsteps, we will trust in her radiant signs, we will recognise her company, we will go after her at some point, sooner or later. We will go, like her, towards what lies beyond the horizons of this life.

In the meantime, we are left with a heart full of gratitude for her warm and constant presence.