The board of directors, elected officials and humanist militants arrived at the Electoral Service to hand over the more than 1600 affiliations that allow the party to become legal again. None of the 300 militants who withdrew from the party are among them.

In a process that the party’s president, Natalia Ibáñez, described as “difficult and beautiful at the same time”, the Humanist Party achieved, within six months of registering as a “party in formation”, the public support it needed to participate in the national political scene once again.

“People recognise in the Humanist Party a history of coherence and political action with clean hands, which allowed us to go out on the streets to talk to people and get their support. It was a difficult and beautiful process at the same time, since it was done from economic self-management and without campaigning faces, but it was the strength of our doctrine, which aspires to overcome human pain and suffering, through the methodology of active non-violence, that touched the hearts of those who joined this project of profound transformation. Thanks to all of them,” Ibáñez stressed.

According to current data, the new PH register is made up mainly of women and young people, with this group accounting for almost 70% of the new affiliations in the first three regions of the country.

“We are utopian, yes, because we are convinced that another Chile is possible. We want to weave a network with the transforming forces that aspire to a change of model in the economic, social, cultural and political fields, seeking to install a direct democracy that promotes the binding participation of our peoples”, emphasised the PH vice-president, Natalia Canto.

It is worth remembering that the Humanist Party, with 38 years of history in the country, last year lost its legality after the modifications to the law on political parties, which led to 12 small parties leaving the Chilean political sphere.

“As Laura Rodríguez’s successor, we will promote the Law of Political Responsibility, since it is urgent that voters in our country can remove from office those who do not fulfil their campaign promises and thus return sovereign power to the people,” declared the spokesperson for the Humanist Feminist Coordinating Committee, Angélica Alvear.

“We are building a new way of doing politics: collective, horizontal and decentralised, which highlights the virtues of each person, with the commitment to promote participation and encourage the expression of human diversity. With a seal on coherence and acting with probity from our political positions,” said Gonzalo Lopez, PH councillor of Quilicura.

“We insist on being a political tool at the service of our people. From the proposal of the Universalist Humanist Movement, we will be the forgers of a new anti-neoliberal front, because we are the challenge of the organised people. This is not about left or right, it is about intentions between humanists and anti-humanists of the world. With clean and bare hands, we insist!”, concluded the humanist president outside the Servel.

Now it will be the Electoral Service who, within 30 days, will verify the new registrations to ratify the legalisation of the historic Humanist Party of Chile.