Mexico is coordinating a new approach with the United States to achieve orderly, safe, regular and humane migration in the region, the Mexican foreign ministry announced today.

The Foreign Ministry informed in a press release that the United States responded favourably to Mexico’s request to increase labour mobility in the region with 65,000 new work visas and access for 24,000 people in the process of joining the North American labour market.

The two governments will now implement a new system for applying for access to the United States that prioritises entry by air rather than through the land border with Mexico, based on the implementation of the “Uniting for Ukraine” programme.

The new proposal represents a significant and innovative step towards the shared goal of managing orderly, safe, regular and humane migration flows, says the Mexican Foreign Ministry.

The United States will additionally grant 65,000 H2-B visas for temporary non-agricultural workers, of which 20,000 will be for Central Americans and Haitians.

In addition, both governments are strengthening their support for international cooperation mechanisms for development and providing opportunities directly to migrants’ communities of origin.

Starting this Wednesday, the US authorities will begin to manage the access of 24,000 Venezuelan nationals by air.

The new process will only accept applicants who comply with the rules of the programme and who do not present themselves at the land border between Mexico and the United States.

Migrants who are in Mexican territory must prove their entry prior to today in order to be able to apply in an orderly manner for access to the United States.

Those entering Mexico after today will not be able to apply from within the country.

To access the new programme, a person or organisation based in the United States must support the applicant’s request, who will enter the United States by air and will be able to apply for employment during their immigration process.

Initially, the programme is aimed at Venezuelan nationals. Those seeking to enter the United States will be able to do so in a more orderly, safe and regular manner in order to discourage undocumented transit.

Mexico will temporarily allow some Venezuelan nationals to enter the country through the northern border, i.e., to continue the unilateral policy of receiving migrants returned under Title 42 for humanitarian reasons.