It hurts Chile, many people ignore what is happening with the TPP-11, they don’t know the consequences that this will bring us, economically, politically and socially.

By Jorge Lavandero*

People are walking around, having fun as if this could not reach them.

It is true that it is a complicated economic issue, which is not within everyone’s reach, but they should know that there are very personal rights for each and every Chilean man and woman that will affect them forever, with no turning back.

Social security will never again be able to be solidarity-based, decent, so that at the end of decades of work, it will be something miserable.

Trade unions will not be able to strike, because they could reasonably affect their profits.

Energy, communications, natural resources, fishing, copper, lithium, could not be recovered for Chile, nor could they be given added value in our country, in order to value their price and thus obtain better salaries.

If all Chilean men and women knew the reality to which they could be condemned, economically and socially, the protests would be gigantic, bigger than those of October.

The TPP11 includes maintaining forever the gigantic privileges of those who already have them and could be increased, without the governments of the future being able to claim them, unless they have to pay gigantic sums, greater than the entire Chilean GDP for each lawsuit that is presented in these foreign arbitration tribunals, whose members are the same lawyers of these powerful economic conglomerates.

The media are really anti-patriot, they only profit from the large sums they are paid, they defend foreign groups for a plate of lentils.

If you think I am exaggerating, look for other information, read the articles of Gabriel Palma, PhD in economics, or those of Hassan Acaaran, they are simple and accessible to everyone and you will realise that never before has our country been in such danger if this treaty is approved.

You cannot remain unmoved.

Move, now is the time when Chile needs you, tooth, nail and tooth.

Use the social networks, talk to your relatives and friends, neighbours, come out of your confinement to save this country from being turned into a simple foreign factory.

You can if you want to, and if you don’t, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

If you are Chilean, now is the time to prove it.

This is not about political parties it is about the Homeland remaining the Homeland.

*Former Senator of the Republic