With the participation of artists such as Juanito Ayala, La Combo Tortuga, Mc Millaray, Illapu and many more, around 12,000 people gathered to support Apruebo from Maipú.

A big event for Apruebo took place this Saturday afternoon in the Maipú district, bringing together great artists on stage and thousands of people.

According to the ApruebaXChile team, more than 12,000 people attended the event, which took place on the esplanade of the Plaza de Maipú.

Musicians such as Juanito Ayala, La Combo Tortuga, Illapu, as well as comedians Pedro Ruminot and Bombo Fica, among many others, performed there.

Also, the actor and singer Koke Santana and the actress Carolina Arredondo joined the “Apruebazo” as entertainers.

We were able to talk to Koke Santana, who called on the people to approve the New Constitution: “I invite you to join us, you have to participate, we are already here, only you are missing”.

The event was also attended by other faces, from former convention members such as Jaime Bassa, Valentina Miranda, Constanza Schonhout, among others. Including other figures such as the mayor Tomás Vodanovic, the deputy Karol Cariola and other political personalities.

But undoubtedly, those who marked the day were the more than 12 thousand people present, who chanted, danced and showed their support for the approval of the Constitutional Plebiscite on 4 September.

Here is a gallery with some pictures of the event:

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