Chile’s new Constitutional Draft waiting for approval by plebiscite on September 4th 2022 represents the culmination of a long process initiated by the social outburst of October 19, 2019.

The draft is the result of a unique, unprecedented and profoundly democratic process in Chile and has attracted the attention of several countries and democratic movements all over the world.

Sudhir Gandotra, Humanist from India, and organiser of the World Humanist Forum for the Asian Region, together with the Society for Communal Harmony from India and a group of distinguished academics and social activists from several countries organised the discussion “Lessons from Chile New Constitution”. Please see link underneath at:

Presenters at the discussion were, Sudhir Gandotra; Professor Anand Kumar, President of the Society for Communal Harmony; Professor Prosenjet Biswass, North Easter Hill University, Shillong, India; Ms Pia Figueroa, Founder of the International News Agency ‘Pressenza’, from Chile; Antonio Carvallo, Humanist activist and co-organiser of World Humanist Forum for the Asia Region, UK; Dr Randitr Kumar Goutham Secretary of the Society for Communal Harmony, India.

The exchanges attracted the attention and a manifest interest from all participants who expressed a clear intention in academic, political and grass root social movements to study in depth the Chilean experience.

Participants concluded that the world is going through turbulent times that seem to require everywhere the deepening of democratic processes and institutions.

It was agreed that further meetings will be conveyed in the following months.