In 2007, the United Nations General Assembly established 2 April as World Autism Awareness Day, with the aim of highlighting the need to contribute to improving the quality of life of people with ASD and to promote our inclusion in all areas of society as full citizens.

Many of us on the spectrum face a very high level of discrimination in all aspects of our lives, largely due to a lack of awareness of ASD.

We need to eliminate existing prejudices and empathise with our group. We need to know and understand our needs in order to provide us with the specific support that will allow us to live happily and participate in society on equal terms with the rest of the population.

That is why in the year 2021 several organisations got together and, in accordance with the Autism Awareness Month, which is based on the 2nd of April, we organised an international multidisciplinary Seminar on the subject. From the groups RMJP ARG, RAIMI, SOY ADULT@TEA, ALUR and JI, virtual and free under the slogan: “ASD: demystifying, expanding, knowing and discovering the autistic spectrum”.

This year, with the return to face-to-face attendance, we decided to double the bet and hold the seminar under the name “ConcienciaTEA” with a dual modality, virtual with live transmission for all those who accompany and support in Spanish-speaking countries and in different parts of our national territory, and face-to-face in the city of Cordoba.

With the due certification of attendance for those who have registered. The seminar, like last year, will have the participation and will be aimed at all our community, experiences and professionals of Neurodiversity, in turn there will be multiple recreational, artistic and cultural activities, psycho-education, adapted so that everyone can do them, because autistic and neurodivergent people also have the right to recreation, art, culture, enjoyment and enjoyment.

We have selected the city of Cba. as the location for this second edition and first virtual edition because of the diverse work of social and environmental inclusion and integration that is being carried out in the city.
social and environmental inclusion and integration that are carried out in this locality.

Registration link for virtual and asynchronous mode.
Registration link for the in-person mode in the city of Cordoba, CBA-Argentina. (Limited places)