World Water Day is celebrated on March 22nd. This date was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1992. It aims to raise awareness about the overall global water crisis and the need to implement urgent solutions to solve this crisis that affects billions of people and the planet as a whole. Water is life. Life is threatened.

REHUNO Health celebrates International Water Day by adding its voice to those of millions of people and organisations calling for urgent responses and actions to reverse the global water crisis.

Water is a symbol of life. Sixty per cent of our body is water. Seventy per cent of the planet’s surface is covered by water. Different cultures and the history of humanity show us water as a symbol, reflection and sustenance of what happens to life and its evolution on the planet.

From REHUNO, in different notes, we have wanted to show the conditions of social violence that the water crisis implies.

  • In the first article we denounced the current situation where a third of the world’s population does not have access to drinking water and it is estimated that by 2050 this situation will reach 50% of the world’s population with an increase in disease, famine and associated deaths.
  • In the second note we present immediate and proven solutions to solve access to drinking water based on salt water conversion.
  • In the third note we denounce the monstrous ratio of budgets allocated by countries to finance spending on armaments and war versus those allocated to solve the problems of access to health and more precisely to drinking water: “Budgets for death vs. budgets for life”.

But this is not new. Millions of people are raising similar voices and demands in all latitudes of the planet. Can this trend be reversed? Is a profound transformation of this situation possible? What is the root of this problem?

It is not a political or geopolitical problem, nor is it a cultural or ethnic problem. The root of the problem lies in the fundamental value that feeds the current global social system: money, the power of money, the “myth” of money. This fundamental myth that illusions society as a symbol of power, of consumption, of permanence, of violence.

The solution of the fundamental ecological problems (including those related to water) would be solved progressively in 30 to 50 years if the world society would allocate the economic and technological resources (already existing) to their priority solution.

Is this possible? Yes. Is it utopian? Maybe.

The fall or transformation of a “myth” such as the current one of money will not come about through political discussions. It will only be possible if society begins to nurture and promote a new hope, a new social horizon, overcoming the current violence and suffering.

What utopia, what new “myth” will nourish this hope? Undoubtedly one is to move (directly or indirectly) towards the constitution of a “Universal Human Nation” that prioritises human well-being without economic, regional, ethnic or cultural pre-predictions. One planet, one nation, one world society.

On this 22 March, World Water Day, let us raise our voices to demand the overcoming of the water crisis affecting the planet. At the same time, let us raise our look and nourish in our hearts that ideal that nestles inside millions of people: the constitution of a Universal Human Nation. From this new perspective, every response and every solution to today’s ecological and environmental problems will be easier… it will be possible.