How do you live when you have no running water in your home? Why and how is Israel drying out the Palestinians? How does the climate crisis affect access to water in the West Bank, and what does the future hold for us?

Tens of thousands of Palestinians living in Area C in the occupied West Bank lack regular access to water. These are areas under full Israeli control, and the Israeli army does not permit the Palestinians to build new water systems or repair existing infrastructure. Israel also denies Palestinians access to their traditional water sources such as wells and cisterns, bans the harvesting of rainwater, while helping the Israeli settlers take over the springs.

The most urgent situation today exists in the dozens villages that are completely disconnected from the water supply. Their residents, who are among the poorest in the area, are forced to purchase water at exorbitant prices and transport it in water trailers. The Israeli army regulates this transport, only allowing delivery on certain days. In addition, the army has been confiscating the water trailers.

On Tuesday, February 8, at 8:00 pm Combatants for Peace will be holding a Zoom presentation featuring Palestinian and Israeli activists and experts to hear first-hand about the Israeli policy of drying out Area C.

Fatma Nawaja, Resident of the South Hebron Hills who will describe what life looks like under conditions of constant water shortages
Nada Majdalani, Director of the Palestine Office – Ecopeace/Friends of the Earth Middle East
Dror Etkes, Founder of Kerem Navot (Navot’s Vineyard) a researcher and expert documenting the development of settlements and Israeli policy in the West Bank.
Moderator Avner Wishnitzer, a founding member of Combatants for Peace